Mentoring Services

Our experienced associates are well placed to provide clients with mentoring services.  Clients looking to develop their internal talent pool and develop their staff in readiness for moving up to senior roles.

Or provide CIO Executive services, coaching, mentoring and proving a friendly ear for exiting CIO’s and IT Directors outside the organisational structure and associated politics.


‘When I joined Cape 4 years ago, I was focused on delivering technical outcomes in a newly formed global IT team, and empathy wasn’t high on my list! Today, I’m a competent professional thanks to the guidance, opportunities and personal coaching from Dave’ – Peter Seow, IT Director, Altrad.

‘I have imbibed several traits in my work ethic under his leadership and these will remain with me always.  Dave drove in several reforms throughout global service delivery teaching us that transparency and integrity are above all else’ – Samantha Jane Saldahna, IT Service Delivery Engineer, Cape Middle East.

Dave was my coach for a couple of years during a complex and busy period of growth in my responsibilities and team, acquisitions, pandemics, structure changes, challenging priorities and more. I found his guidance incredibly helpful in adding that differentiating extra 10% value in my output. He spent time getting to know me personally, how I think, where I need help and where I don’t, and tuned his assistance accordingly. Together we worked on stepping up my articulation of issues and resolution options for SBG’s senior executives, refining my prioritisation and ability to focus, considering proactive uses of new technology as well as reacting to business needs, and sharpening my diagnosis of root issues. While under his coaching I saw a tangible step change in the executive team’s understanding and response to key topics in my teams, and a matching improvement in my own ability to challenge my own assumptions, consider alternatives, and present direction with clarity. He’s also a really nice chap! Simon Ince, Director of Core Technology (Core Customer & Core Services), Sky Betting and Gaming.

Dave has worked with me in a CIO Advisory capacity at BTG for 2 years, and I’d thoroughly recommend him as a massively experienced and connected fractional CIO, with more years than he’d care to admit to as a very experienced CIO. I think us IT Dir’s/CIOs can sometimes be a little bit reserved in seeking advice – as we don’t like to admit we don’t know it all! But in reality we can’t can we, and it can be lonely at the top at times! Whether it is specific industry knowledge you might seek, or operating at a scale that is unfamiliar, tackling a challenging set of circumstances – it is great to have someone you can trust to work through challenges, and this is how I’ve worked with Dave over the last 2 years. My advice would be to explore what a CIO partner like Dave can bring to you and your organisation – you won’t be disappointed. Toby Smith-Firth, Group IT and Central Change Director, Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate

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