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About Us

So much is written and spoken about Digital Transformation.  Much of it is vendor hype and many of the vendors do not really understand the sectors they are trying to sell their products and services too.

Digital Ways of Working has a purpose of helping organisations of all sizes realise the benefits achievable through having a winning Digital Strategy.  We differentiate ourselves by helping clients define and understand the opportunities which will maximise Return on Investment, differentiate from competitors, or disrupt the sector they operate in.

The Fourth Industrial revolution underpins Digital Transformation.  The related technologies and acronyms such as Cloud Computing, IoT, IIoT, AI, RPA, Big Data, BI, Analytics, Blockchain can leave many organisations flustered and not knowing where to begin.  Through our associate and partner network we have the knowledge and experience to guide organisations on their journey to create and execute a winning Digital Strategy.

All the associates we use are ex CIO’s, CTO’s, CDO’s or IT Directors who have had successful careers in organisations from many sectors and ranging from SME’s to Global Organisations.  Our associates have proven experience in delivering Change and Digital Transformation and understand the challenges associated with Digital Transformation and Change Programmes in general.

The Partner and associate network we use ensures we only engage with partners we know and trust from our lives as CIO’s.  These are partners we trust to introduce to our clients, based on them delivering or demonstrating that they can deliver successful outcomes.

What can we do for your business?

We offer various services, to help your business maximise return on investment.


Our expert associates will work with your business to define your Digital Strategy. 

For each agreed objective we identify we will present these in a format which will clearly show the expected benefits to the organisation and the cost and time expected to achieve the ROI.


We provide our vendor partners expert consultancy services.  Expert consultancy services provide our partners with opportunities to enhance their existing teams Business Development initiatives.


Our experienced associates are well placed to provide clients with mentoring services.  Clients looking to develop their internal talent pool and develop their staff in readiness for moving up to senior roles.

Need advice?

We have a wealth of experience within the Digital Transformation sector. If you have a question or need advice, please get in touch.

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