Dave Jones - Managing Director

the transformation under his tenure has been fantastic in terms of professionalizing the organisation and dragging it first into the 20th century and then on into the 21st !’ – Steve Connolly, Managing Director Cape Middle East.

‘is one of a small group of CIO’s who possess both strong leadership skills and have a granular technical understanding of their roles.  He was instrumental in the digital transformation of a FTSE 200 multinational that encompassed 30 countries, multiple language groups and business cultures’ – Anthony Heath, Operational Excellence Director Cape Plc.

Adrian Wakefield - Associate CIO

‘It’s rare to find a highly skilled Business Services Director who can add value in so many areas of the business — especially sales and customer service. Adrian is one of those people! His contributions to James Walker’s Business Services had a direct impact on growing our sales and supporting people’ – Stephen Murphy, CEO at Data Strategy LLC .

‘an extremely intelligent and capable Business Systems Director. He is a strategic thinker with vision and his broad business understanding and insightful thinking has made him someone I have valued as a Board member and colleague. A real champion of best practice, he also has the discipline and drive to make projects happen’ – Paul Myerscough, Group Managing Director at Pexion Group.

Phil Tottie - Associate CTO

‘I had the pleasure of working with and being challenged by Phil over a period of 10 years engaging sales teams across EMEA and Latin America. Phil is structured and focused, challenging vendors to be relevant, to listen and lead only with customer first initiatives. Phil’s critical and disciplined control of service management and cost management to drive transformation sets him apart from other key executives. Fair, reasonable but demanding excellence Phil’s ability to adapt to new global projects, delivering service / cost transformation set him apart.’
Mike Berry, CCO, JDX Consulting


‘Phil is an extraordinary talented professional mastering IT Service Management. He holds an impressive career directing large and complex IT Operations. He is proficient at helping organizations to improve system stability while restructuring processes and attaining cost efficiencies. I had the opportunity to work together with Phil. He lives by honest and fair values and gains respect from people from different cultures and backgrounds.
Gerardo Vigueras, Chief Operating Officer, Banca Mifel

‘Phil is a highly successful leader in all aspects of business transformation. As such Phil has an extensive career in multiple regions with expertise in restructuring businesses with a demonstrated record of expertise in service management and cost management. With an unparalleled skills set to take an organisation to its maximum potential with outstanding measurable outcomes in service and cost management , Phil is a true asset and a highly respected senior executive among global industry peers who have had the pleasure to work with Phil.’
Felicia Cheung, Apps Data & AI Services Lead, Microsoft

‘Phil is an engaged and proven leader specialising in service and cost management and has good experience in running large scale transformation and restructuring programmes. He is very knowledgeable in IT and has good understanding in working with people across Americas, Europe and Asia. ‘
Nantha Subramanian, Chief Operating Officer, Standard Chartered Bank

‘Phil is a proven leader in IT Service Management; during his time with HSBC Mexico, Phil brought about dramatic culture change in IT operations, building a cohesive team that delivered dramatic improvements in service quality in parallel with very material reductions in cost. Furthermore, Phil built teams that ensured that the improvements made were enduring. An excellent leader, Phil is an asset to any executive team.’
Lewis Wilson, Managing Director, HSBC

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